56th Annual GRAMMY Nomination

December 6, 2013

We’re proud to announce that the Sono Luminus production team has been nominated in the Best Surround Sound Album category for the 56th GRAMMY awards. Daniel Shores is credited as the surround mixing engineer and the surround mastering engineer and Dan Mercerio is the surround producer.

Sprung Rhythm is an exciting collection of works from three composers that express new and diverse voices in American music. The release is a 2-disc set, containing a Pure Audio Blu-ray™ Surround Sound disc as well as a standard CD.

Below is the complete list of nominations in the Best Surround Sound Album category.

Live Kisses

Al Schmitt, surround mix engineer; Tommy LiPuma, surround producer (Paul McCartney)
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Sailing The Seas Of Cheese (Deluxe Edition)
Les Claypool & Jason Mills, surround mix engineers; Stephen Marcussen, surround mastering engineer; Les Claypool & Jeff Fura, surround producers (Primus)
Label: Universal Music Enterprises

Signature Sound Opus One
Leslie Ann Jones, surround mix engineer; Michael Romanowski, surround mastering engineer; Herbert Waltl, surround producer (Various Artists)
Label: Media Hyperium 3 (Mh3)

Sixteen Sunsets
Jim Anderson, surround mix engineer; Darcy Proper, surround mastering engineer; Jim Anderson & Jane Ira Bloom, surround producers (Jane Ira Bloom)
Label: Pure Audio Records

Sprung Rhythm
Daniel Shores, surround mix engineer; Daniel Shores, surround mastering engineer; Dan Merceruio, surround producer (Richard Scerbo & Inscape)
Label: Sono Luminus

Mr. Shores on his approach to surround sound:

Instead of recording everything and then “mixing to surround” or recording the ensemble and then putting the room ambience in the rear surround channels we went with a fully immersive approach, i.e., we setup 7 microphones in the middle of the room (one for each channel in the 7.1 surround array) and then, based on the music, positioned the musicians around the microphones. We “mixed” with the musicians based on their proximity to the microphones, and their position in the room.

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Sono Luminus is an ultra-high fidelity record label focused on stereo and surround recordings of classical and acoustic music. 16 GRAMMY nominations, 2 wins.