Name Change

January 7, 2011

As many of you know, in 2005 Sono Luminus, LLC., of Virginia purchased Dorian Recordings. Since that time, we have released titles under the Dorian Sono Luminus label. We felt that the continued use of the Dorian name would facilitate the reintroduction of the Dorian back-catalog into the marketplace, as well as to assure both distributors and end-consumers that we recognize the technical contribution Dorian made to the classical recording marketplace. The combined logo illustrated our commitment to the Dorian legacy as well as our own unique emphasis on recording everything for future release in the highest-quality discrete multichannel formats.

The significant artistic and technical advances evident in the recordings produced by Sono Luminus over the last five years since acquiring Dorian demonstrate a clear vision of programming and “performance fidelity” audio quality that differs from the Dorian era in a very positive way. While Dorian leaves a very proud history, it’s time to move on.

As the next evolutionary step for the label, effective January 2011, we will be dropping the Dorian from our name and will be Sono Luminus. The logo will remain substantially the same (the orignial combined Dorian Sono Luminus logo with the same upper left hand placement on the CDs), however with the name “Dorian” removed. Every release from February 2011 forward will bear the new logo.

All past Dorian Recordings and Dorian Discovery releases will keep their logos unless they are remastered or repurposed for a future compilation or boxed set (the boxed sets being part of the “Best of Dorian” series).

We appreciate all of the help and support you have shown us over the past years and look forward to a great future going forward. We have a spectacular year of new releases planned as well an aggressive schedule of unique thematic compilations.

Here’s to an exciting 2011!


Sono Luminus is an ultra-high fidelity record label focused on stereo and surround recordings of classical and acoustic music. 16 GRAMMY nominations, 2 wins.